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Kayla does Bali!

Well it’s been a little over a week since my return from Bali, and I keep getting hassled about seeing the photos I took… so I figured now is a better time then ever! There is around 80 photos (that are my favourite) so I decided it would be best to throw them in a blog post instead of flooding social media with Bali photos for days, because who reallllllllly cares. But hey, if you don’t post about it online - did it even really happen?! Nope! So here goes nothing… ;)

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Seattle Trippin - Pike Place

Have you ever been down to Pike Place Market before? We did last fall and honestly I was not impressed at all. We walked through the upper level and just didnt understand the hype over this over glorified farmers market. When we went to Seattle last weekend we decided to go back to the market and try...

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