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L+J Styled Winter Elopement

Believe it or not… this shoot was in the works for over a year! When I first met Kyla and Kathleen from Olive Tree Decor we both felt super inspired to plan a styled winter wedding for a fun winter project. But life got hectic and it was put on our dream list… until this past winter…

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MARRIED: tiffany + scott.

I am so grateful I got to be apart of Tiffany and Scott's elopement to Playa del Carmen, Mexico! Not only did I get to photograph my friends getting married but I also got to party with them all week long!…

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K+R Engagement Shoot

Kylie and Rickies engagement shoot, (with a little family mixed in) was an absolute blast! These ladies have never had photos taken together, can you believe what naturals they are! I'm sensing a trend here hmmmmm....

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E+J Snowy Couples Shoot

I'll admit it - I've be in a rut. It happens from time to time to most creatives. We are go-go-go until we drop and then we question everything. Am I doing this right? Are my pictures even good? Am I engaging enough? Am I planning enough? Do I really even know how to work a camera? What is editing really?!...

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N+K Cozy in home session

Lately I've been obsessed with in home couples sessions. I see all these amazing images on instagram and photography blogs I follow and just drool over my computer keys. I was always afraid of doing them because lighting is evvverrrrrything...

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Boudoir Workshop

I'm baaaaaaaaack! Well, technically I didn't go anywhere- but my website sure did. This summer I attended my first workshop as a photographer in Kamloops. It was soooo amazing to get out of my comfort zone, work with other photographers, and learn a whole bunch of new things, and to say I left feel inspired would be a understatement...

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