Mason Jar Terrarium DIY

Welcome to the lovely world of DIY! You guys are going to love this tutorial, its super easy, fun, cheap, and the outcome is you get a cute little decor piece! Its like all your dreams have came true in this one little blog post! So, to cut to the chase… Here it is…

Kayla’s Famous ‪#‎DIYterrarium‬ !
Step 1: get in your vehicle
Step 2: enter a saveon foods near you
Step 3: buy “rustic” mason jar terrarium for $8.49
Who has time these days for ‪#‎DIY‬‘s you can get for under 10 bucks….

OKAY IM SORRY! not sorry

You were probably expecting a real do it yourself weren’t you… well ha! jokes on you, or is it on me…. this website/blog/portfolio/mess was suppose to be about me being creative and sharing my creativeness with the world! – well it seems I have no time to be creative. Fail. Trying to juggle work, photography, art, boyfriend, kids, parents, and overall try to have a good and relaxing summer is EXHAUSTING. But i promise, i will eventually get on a schedule and have some time to post real things people would actually be interested in. Not like this lame joke of a DIY haha. But how could i resist? it was kind of funny, no?

One day kayla… one day