Kayla does Bali!


Well it’s been a little over a week since my return from Bali, and I keep getting hassled about seeing the photos I took… so I figured now is a better time then ever! There is around 80 photos (that are my favourite) so I decided it would be best to throw them in a blog post instead of flooding social media with Bali photos for days, because who reallllllllly cares. But hey, if you don’t post about it online - did it even really happen?! Nope! So here goes nothing… ;)

For those of you who don’t know… I got hired by my friends at Yoga Fit Escape to go photograph their first official retreat in Canggu, Bali. I was soooo excited to get the opportunity to work/travel with them! Now, I have done my fair share of “solo” travelling. I’ve been to Italy, France, A bunch of smaller places in Europe, Japan… but these were all in high school and there was either a guide, or a group of students along for the ride. So the thought of travelling completely solo with all my camera gear, to a place in Indonesia, hopping 3 planes, and what would soon feel like decades on the airplane was a little daunting to me. So I asked if anyone from PG was going to the retreat and turns out there was! A year later, Amber-Dawn and I were meeting up at YXS to start our Bali journey…


Prince George > Vancouver > Taipei > Bali

33.5 hours

33.5 hours later in airports and planes we finally arrived in Bali! I’m going to try and keep little to no writing in the rest of this blog, so here is my last little paragraph to put everything into context. Amber and I had 3 days of solo exploring in Ubud before the retreat started, retreat in Canggu for 7 days, and then finished off with 4 days back in Ubud. There was hardly any down time, we were adventuring every day which was amazing! And while at the retreat we were doing yoga/meditation practices 2x a day and then a afternoon HIIT work out sandwiched in between those. I hope you enjoy my images! And if you want to hear more stories, I wrote a journal everyday which is being printed into a album as we speak to invite me to coffee and I’ll share all the dirty deets about the trip ;). Enjoy!


Bali > Taipei > Vancouver > Prince George

23 hours

There you have it folks! my trip wrapped up in a nut shell for ya. I came up with this tradition on the trip where we had to take a selfie at every airport stop we did. Coming back however, we had almost zero time between flights. We managed to take one on the plane in Taipei, and our last flight home from Vancouver to Prince George we were boarding in domestic at 9:05 and we had just grabbed our luggage in international… so safe so say we literally had to SPRINT to catch our flight. There was lots of sweat and tears that came out of that flight so safe to say, we were in no mood to capture the last photo haha!

Bali was completely amazing. I hiiiiighly recommend anyone who is thinking about going to go! But don’t go for any less then 2 weeks because there is so much to do and see you are def going to want more.

Just a disclaimer…

I wanted to add in this little disclaimer as I know “sanctuaries” can be a touchy subject for some. I am aware that some so called “sanctuaries” or “rescue centres” are being used in zoo names to attract tourists and make them think it is a healthy environment for the animals when it is not. However, there are some sanctuaries that are authentic and who truly care about the animals and Mason Elephant Sanctuary was one of them. I would like to share a little bit of back story on these elephants. The park opened in 1997 when the Mason family rescued a total of 27 elephants from government working camps on the island of Sumatra where they were left to a ill-fated life. Since being brought to Mason they are healthy and happy in a controlled, safe environment that allows them to live a long and stimulated life, free of brutality, starvation and illness. Over the years, the park has naturally bred 4 babies and had 3 pregnant elephants while we were there. One of which I got to wash and bathe. This park has educated a multitude of guests about the critically endangered Sumatran Elephant, where their natural habitat has been destroyed by deforestation, demand for palm oil, rubber and pulp plantations. Death from either poaching, mistreatment or eradication has brought them to the edge of extinction, as they are predicted to be completely gone from the wild by 2029. The elephants at this sanctuary have 1 caretaker per elephant. That caretaker is considered a life partner for the elephant. We talked to many of the employees, and one in particular has been with his “wife” (the elephant) for over 20 years and came with her from Sumatra. For those of you who messaged me voicing your concerns about zoos… I appreciate your love for animals, but please do your research before accusing others of partaking in something you don’t agree with. I had a lot of people who messaged me saying it was cruel to take them from Africa and bring them to Bali - which is a very ignorant statement (Sumatra is very close to Bali). Sumatran Elephants are actually a completely different breed. The main physical differences are they are much smaller in size, small ears, and 1 finger on their trunk. So please people, before calling me out on supporting a “zoo” do your research first. Thank you.

15 month pregnant Ditri the Sumatran Elephant <3

15 month pregnant Ditri the Sumatran Elephant <3