C+R Valemount Elopement


I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. Okay, first and foremost, I think its safe to say it is every photographers dream to photograph on top of a mountain. Or maybe its just mine? Regardless, my dream came true when Christina emailed me back in April to see if I was available to photograph their secret elopement within the following few months. I was already fully booked for my 2018 wedding season, but I knew this was a opportunity I could not let pass me by. 

A few short months later on July 10th, 2018 I packed up my jeep, took the day off at my day job, and headed to Valemount to meet Christina and Ryan. It was a pretty stormy day - overcast and a bit of rain. For me, overcast is the ideal lighting scenario; never did I think that it would soon work against us when we got to Yellowhead Helicopters

The original plan was to head up to the top of Mount Terry Fox - well, that plan was botched by the pilot when we showed up. He explained it was not safe to fly all the way up there due to weather conditions. He had a plan B place that was close by, but proceeded to tell us it would be a little risky and he wasn't sure if he would be able to land once we go there (we would just have to loop around and fly back to base). All 3 of us looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders and said "let's give it a try!"

I have NEVER been in a helicopter before, in fact - I'm a little afraid of heights, so this was a big deal for me. (One of by top bucket list items was to fly in a helicopter.) When we took off the first maybe 20 seconds(?) I got butterflies, that soon went away when I was blown away by the views. We passed mountains upon mountains, valleys, creeks, trees, I honestly cant even describe to you how beautiful it was, so I hope my photos do it justice. We landed at this little flat area that was next to a gigantic glacier, a beautiful mountain range, and a little tiny lake we had to walk around. It was absolutely breathtaking. 

I have never witnessed such a intimate, beautiful wedding. It for sure killed me when I knew I couldn't post any sneaks until they told their friends and family. So I am SO excited now that the cat's out of the bag and I can spam you with some images I took up on top of a MOUNTAIN!