K+R Engagement Shoot

Kylie and Rickies engagement shoot, (with a little family mixed in) was an absolute blast! These ladies have never had photos taken together, can you believe what naturals they are! I'm sensing a trend here hmmmmm.... probably 82% of my clients have never had photos taken before - and that's totally OKAY! But whhhhyyyyyy?! You all are such beautiful people inside and out and you should capture that on a seasonal basis. ;) tehe.

I feel like when it comes to blogging I'm either giving it 110% or -2% haha. I'm either all up in your face or silent on the radio. My goal for the next upcoming months is to actually stick to a schedule! Hopefully I can stick with it. But it wouuuuullllld be helpful if you guys subscribe or leave comments to let me know these are actually interesting to read! So how about this. If you've read this far, leave a comment on this blog post - even if you have nothing to say put a " :) " or something to let me know you read/enjoyed what I've rambled on about ;).


Until next week...