E+J Snowy Couples Shoot

I'll admit it - I've be in a rut. It happens from time to time to most creatives. We are go-go-go until we drop and then we question everything. Am I doing this right? Are my pictures even good? Am I engaging enough? Am I planning enough? Do I really even know how to work a camera? What is editing really?! Who ammmmm iiiiiiiiiiii?! Just some thoughts that go through my brain about 8374x a week. I'm kidding... But in all reality I needed to get out of my funk.

I worked with a amazing couple from Calgary last week who lit my soul on fire. The chemistry between these two was amazing! The weather, their outfits, the love... it was perfect- and BOOM. Kayla got her mojo back. We had SO much fun hugging, running, laughing and having snow ball fights. I was completely inspired. So inspired I even tried my hand at some videography work. I'm by no means a videographer... you will see that once you see the video itself. But I just loved the result it gave to finishing off this session! You can better see how I get my clients to move and communicate with each other to get that natural, easy going, careless look to my images that I get so many compliments on. I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I did! And just remember- if you are ever in a rut like I was... do something that inspires you, and you'll come back to life. I promise.

- kayla.