Boudoir Workshop

I'm baaaaaaaaack! Well, technically I didn't go anywhere- but my website sure did. This summer I attended my first workshop as a photographer in Kamloops. It was soooo amazing to get out of my comfort zone, work with other photographers, and learn a whole bunch of new things, and to say I left feel inspired would be a understatement.

Inspiration and the drive to better myself created this whole rebranding process. You may notice that not only my website looks different, but my logo does too! Here's the issue with also being a graphic designer --  I am always wanting to update everything. I'm still deciding if thats a bad thing or not... but right now I feel like my business needed this fresh look to go along with the new Kreative Eye.

So that's it, that's my intro to this new website and such. So I thought I'd start this out with a bang and post some photos from the workshop! I hope you all enjoy! <3