Bun in the oven!


A moment, a kiss, a decision. Life goes so fast sometimes. From falling truly, madly, deeply in love, to saying those two little words, the "I Do's" that will kick off your future, running full speed a head. We often don't realize how fast life can jolt us in certain directions, but what we do know is that no matter how fast life goes, we must take the time to enjoy every moment.

Like this one, my beautiful sister Ashley, and my brother-in-law Dan, are expecting their very first child! After getting recently married in July of 2016, to a huge home renovation/addition, to traveling the world together... these two have certainly taken life by the.... you know... ;) And now they will be welcoming a brand new life into this world! It truly is magical. 

The smell of fresh dough, basil and balsamic filling the air with its pungent aroma- I really cant think of a better way to introduce this new beginning then capturing these two foodies make their bun in a oven! Im sure you all get the pun intended. ;)