Bohemian Bridal Themed Shoot

It started with a passion, a vision - a plan.

A luscious greenhouse, beautifully messy sun kissed hair, fingers dressed with various rings, but one in particular standing out. A wedding ring. I’ve dreamed about photographing a bohemian wedding since I got into wedding photography. That my friends, is right up my alley.

I tend to think of myself as a free spirit, I love being outside and becoming one with nature - so when I dreamt of this idea to make a botanical bridal themed shoot, I immediately feel in love. Now it was just the part of finding a bride who had the same vision as me.

As months went by of searching for the perfect bride to be, my searches fell short and I decided to take this matter into my own hands and create my vision from scratch. The beautiful Krystie was chosen to be my model, I styled her in a long flowy white gown, perfect for those casual, yet romantic side of bride-to-be’s. Layered necklaces, rings, bracelets- layered everything. I wanted to create the perfect free-spirited bohemian look. A look where it states: I wear what I wear not to look perfect, or put together- but to feel beautiful wearing all my favourite pieces. 

The greenhouse worked perfectly as a beautiful set to capture Krysite’s romantic, and whimsical attire. One of my favourite things about this shoot is how effortless it looks, how natural and comfortable she is, how romantic the entire vibe was. 

This shoot definitely set me off on a good foot to start of the 2016 wedding season. I have my creative juices flowing, and i smell love in the air… or wait, is that roses?

Makeup: Ashley MacLachlan 

Hair & Wardrobe Styling: Kreative Eye Studios