New season... new things to learn

Well, it's finally here. No, not the new iPhone 7, no... not christmas! Whatever your thinking just stop - because its probably not right. It's every photographers busiest time of the year, Wedding Season. 

Ah, the joyous time of consistent planning, running around for 12 hours of the day having the time of your life at the best wedding ever, and of course snapping shots in 25+ degree weather. Now- I realize that the tone of this blog is starting to come off awfully sarcastic, it's not i promise! I like photographing weddings- I really do! But with everything, there is the good and then the bad; and today I'm going to talk about the in-between (my challenges).

So 2 years ago was my first official year of Wedding/Bridal Photography, and let me tell you, it was no walk in the park. I've learned so much in the past two years shooting with my entry level DSLR (nikon d5100) and what it can do at weddings. My learnings? Not a whole lot. I look back on my photos from 2 years ago and i just ask myself this one question, why? Now, for those of you who don't know, I just upgraded all my gear Jan 2016. Now I'm shooting with a Nikon D750 (the love of my life) and the difference between the two is impeccable. I look at the amount of photos I've taken in the past with the wrong ISO and aperture, and it really makes me want to grind my teeth until I have none left. But this year it's going to be different... oh so, so different.

Heres are my wedding photography goals of 2016:

  • Focus on detail shots... details, details, details.
  • Creative Angles
  • Individual Bride shots (they spend all that time getting ready, that needs to be honoured no?)
  • Relaxing! (taking time to relax and not worry about every little thing)

I had a bad habit last year of only doing the shots that the couple had asked for and forgetting about the shots that I wanted as portfolio pieces. Photographers: remind yourself to not forget about yourself.

Although I know i've done wrong in the past with my photography, I also know I've done a lot of great things and made a lot of my clients very happy. Photographing weddings is a huge amount of work, but worth every shot, every minute editing, and every smile on the couples faces. I'm so proud that I fully booked 2016's wedding season and am so excited to shoot with my new gear and create my style of wedding photography. 

Hey 2016 wedding season, this is gonna be a good one.

Until next time,

Kayla // xo