A creative soul indeed

So I've been noticing something, I love to create. It's not about the money at all for me, I love making my community a prettier place to live, I love helping small businesses grow, and most of all I love the feeling I get when someone really really loves what I give them and tell me that i've helped their business more then they would have ever expected.

When my friend Katie told me that she wanted to start a blog I hopped right on that idea. I love everything she told me her blog was going to represent and I thought this would be so cool to have a blogger here in our small town.. because well lets face it- I doubt Prince George has that many.

I decided to help her out with her logo and marketing plan. I don't get to pick a lot of a lot of jobs that come in at work being a graphic designer, so when I freelance I am so excited that I get to let my hair down and run free!

Here's just a little preview of what I helped Katie out with:

  • Logo 
  • Branding Identity
  • Website & Blog Design
  • Photography 

I really encourage everyone to go and take a lot at this gals blog! Its about conquering fears, self acceptance, beauty, DIYs and more!! <3 

Find it here: The Polished Chaos Blog

Until next time,

Kayla // xo