Journey to an Ancient Place

Last Sunday my main squeeze and me took a short journey up to the Ancient Forest, its only 113 km from Prince George where we live so it was a great way to get out of the city limits for a day!

What we expected: Minimal snow, warm weather, groomed trails

What we got: Tons of snow, brisk weather, very slippery trails

Leggings, a light jacket and boots with zero grip on them probably wasn’t the greatest outfit choice, but hey- at least I looked cute (big fail) . But we didn’t drive all that 1 hour and 15 minutes for nothing! So we trekked on. Now if you haven’t been to the Ancient Forest before, I highly recommend it! I’m not one for massive hikes, Im more 4 hour max hiker. So if your like me, this is probably a perfect fit. Its got a few variations of the hike. If your driving by and feel like stretching out your legs, there’s a beautiful boardwalk that leads inside the woods which takes you past some of the breathtaking trees, and ends at a nice little stream (its about a 5 minute walk). If your in for a little more adventure then you can take the trail to see more little streams, waterfalls and finally the big tree! 

We went up to the biggest waterfall in the park (picture above) it took about 3 hours total there and back. We decided to skip venturing up to see “The Big Tree” because I was starting to get hungry, and nobody likes me when I’m hungry. But the waterfall was absolutely beautiful and we ended up climbing up the cliff a little to capture this shot and get a little closer.

I was so surprised how much snow was in this area as we had such a mild winter and its the middle of April! But here’s a fun fact that I didn’t know…The watershed of the upper Fraser River has given a forest ecosystem that combines attributes of both the coastal wet-temperate rainforests of British Columbia and adjacent boreal forests of Alberta and the far north. So that is why the climate and trees are so different in that certain area. Neat huh?