Kreative Eye Studios blog posts include tips and tricks of the photography world, stories on past clients, and a little bit of humour!

C+R Valemount Elopement

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. Okay, first and foremost, I think its safe to say it is every photographers dream to photograph on top of a mountain. Or maybe its just mine? Regardless, my dream came true when Christina emailed me back in April to see if I was available…

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MARRIED: kristina + nick.

Kristina and Nicks wedding was a absolutely amazing experience to start off my 2018 summer wedding season! The ceremony was taken place at Nick's parents house - a charming brick house near the airport with an amazing back yard that worked beautifully…

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MARRIED: tiffany + scott.

I am so grateful I got to be apart of Tiffany and Scott's elopement to Playa del Carmen, Mexico! Not only did I get to photograph my friends getting married but I also got to party with them all week long!…

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K+R Engagement Shoot

Kylie and Rickies engagement shoot, (with a little family mixed in) was an absolute blast! These ladies have never had photos taken together, can you believe what naturals they are! I'm sensing a trend here hmmmmm....

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E+J Snowy Couples Shoot

I'll admit it - I've be in a rut. It happens from time to time to most creatives. We are go-go-go until we drop and then we question everything. Am I doing this right? Are my pictures even good? Am I engaging enough? Am I planning enough? Do I really even know how to work a camera? What is editing really?!...

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N+K Cozy in home session

Lately I've been obsessed with in home couples sessions. I see all these amazing images on instagram and photography blogs I follow and just drool over my computer keys. I was always afraid of doing them because lighting is evvverrrrrything...

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Cake Smash... ADULT edition!

Just over 3 years ago I met Corrin, she actually hired me for my first official Graphic Designer job at the place I’m working now! I knew as soon as I met her we were going to get along. She’s fun, ambitious, and not to mention loooveees dressing up. So when she approached me to do a adult cake smash session I was ALL IN...

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Boudoir Workshop

I'm baaaaaaaaack! Well, technically I didn't go anywhere- but my website sure did. This summer I attended my first workshop as a photographer in Kamloops. It was soooo amazing to get out of my comfort zone, work with other photographers, and learn a whole bunch of new things, and to say I left feel inspired would be a understatement...

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Seattle Trippin - Pike Place

Have you ever been down to Pike Place Market before? We did last fall and honestly I was not impressed at all. We walked through the upper level and just didnt understand the hype over this over glorified farmers market. When we went to Seattle last weekend we decided to go back to the market and try...

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